PauloAlto.comWelcome to Paulo Alto dot com :) is a web domain that allows me to freely and openly discuss and explore a wide variety of topics that I personally find interesting and/or fascinating. My last few years have been a time of truth seeking, soul searching, and spiritual awakening. I will add more pages to this website in the near future as I am inspired to do so.

Several years ago, I snagged this expiring domain name in an online auction because Paul is my name, and I am actually extremely tall, among the top 0.05% height-wise in the USA, according to this height percentile calculator. I also liked how similar the domain is to the name of the City of Palo Alto in California, although I actually live with my family in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. (Even though I did take four years of Spanish way back in high school, this website will be composed entirely in English.)

I am proud that the logo at the top left of the page was hand-drawn by me personally, as I am not a professional graphic designer. I love that Paulo Alto looks like a soccer player dribbling, passing, or shooting the ball because I have had a lifelong passion for the beautiful game -- whether played outdoors on grass, indoors on turf (arena soccer), on a gymnasium floor (futsal), or barefoot on sand (beach soccer). Best of all, YouTube allows easy access to viewing a wide variety of live soccer matches online for free!


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