Welcome to PAULO ALTO DOT COM :)

A few years ago, I won in an expiring domain name auction at It was appealing because Paul is my real name and I am extremely tall, among the top 0.05% height-wise in the USA according to this height percentile calculator. I also liked how similar looking and sounding this dot com domain is to Palo Alto, although I reside in St. Louis, Missouri a few miles south of downtown with my loving family and our senile cat.

I am proud to proclaim that the Paulo Alto image at the top of the page was hand-drawn by me, as I am NOT a professional graphic designer. It's far from perfect, but it's the first and only logo I've ever created freehand, cleaned up pixel-by-pixel as a bitmap, and then converted to the SVG Scalable Vector Graphics format.

I especially love that my logo turned out to be a soccer player dribbling, passing, or shooting the ball, because I have had a lifelong passion for the beautiful game, whether played outdoors on grass, indoors on turf (arena soccer), on a gymnasium floor (futsal), or barefoot on sand (beach soccer). YouTube offers live streaming of all of these types of soccer matches for free online!

WHEN I AM NOT watching Saint Louis FC (the local USL team), OR seeking truth among all the dis-info surrounding "deep-in-the-rabbit-hole" conspiracy theories, OR hunting for clues and wisdom hidden in old song lyrics and music videos together with my wife, OR most importantly home schooling our younger son, I work on, my Home Theater Internet Boutique!


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